van vehicleThe Laboratory of Ecological Engineering and Technology of the Department of Environmental Engineering has been established on 1998 and it is one of the seven laboratories of the Department. The objective of the Laboratory covers extended scientific areas. The Faculty and Staff of the Laboratory includes several members of teaching and research staff, associated teaching and research staff, technical and laboratory staff, research associates, and supporting Ph.D. candidates. The Laboratory has the facilities and equipment required to support its research and educational activities, including 90 m2 of indoor space and 200 m2 of outdoor space in the facilities of the Department at Kimmeria, Xanthi, and it is properly equipped with instrumentation for water quality analyses, modeling and experimental simulations, and field measurements, including a van-type vehicle transformed to mobile analysis station, and a Zodiac boat. Educational activities of the Laboratory include teaching of several graduate and post-graduate lessons and support of a large number of diploma, post-graduate and Ph.D. theses, while its research activities include several European Union-funded Research Projects. Further, the Laboratory services the public performing among others physical and chemical analyses at cost prices.

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