The Laboratory of Ecological Engineering and Technology performs research and technical studies in the following scientific areas:

  • Ecosystem management and restoration.
  • Environmental hydraulics, hydrodynamics, hydrology and water resources management.
  • Production, transport and deposition of sediments in rivers, lakes and coastal aquatic systems.
  • Coastal and marine environments.
  • Hydrogeological characteristics of aquifer systems.
  • Geological and inorganic geochemical characteristics of a wide range of environmental systems.
  • Analysis and simulation of aquatic systems.
  • Integrated management of water and wastewater in urban systems, with emphasis on the use of natural treatment units.
  • Ecological agriculture and stock farming with emphasis on the prevention, reduction and control of pollution in agricultural activities.
  • Influence of pollution on human health and on living organisms, and on the use of biological indices.
  • Application of mathematical methods, operational research and decision making techniques, statistical analysis and research, fuzzy logic techniques and multicriteria evaluation in ecosystem and water resources management.
  • Computerized applications with emphasis on the development and utilization of hydrologic, hydrodynamic and ecological mathematical models, related to ecosystem and water resources management with the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS).
  • Surveys and samplings in rivers, lakes, coastal, wetland and marine environments and groundwater systems, development of models in laboratory and performance of related laboratory experiments.
  • Environmental impact assessment with emphasis on the influence of human activities or environmental changes (e.g. climate change) or natural hazards (e.g. floods) on ecosystems and on man.
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