The Laboratory has the facilities and equipment required to support its educational and research activities, including:

View of the indoor Laboratory facilitiesIndoor, air-conditioned area of 90 m2 at the Department's buildings in Kimmeria, Xanthi. This area has normal and heavy-duty power supply, air and water supply, and drainage system. Further, the indoor area has a safety chamber and working and chemical analyses benches. Several personal computers and analytic instruments for chemical analyses of water quality, sediments, and wastewater are set-up in the area, while there are also desks, bookstores, LAN offering Internet access and office space for the Laboratory staff. In addition, the indoor area hosts experimental simulation units.

View of the outdoor Laboratory facilitiesOutdoor space of 200 m2, with normal and heavy-duty power supply, water supply, water storage tanks, container for instrumentation, and drainage system. Experimental set-ups of pilot scale for three Ph.D. theses are installed in this area.

Van vehicleA van vehicle (Mercendes-Benz Sprinter 312D) that has been completely transformed to mobile laboratory. The vehicle is equipped among others with working benches, closets, desks, water tank and water supply and drainage circuit, water heating unit, air cleaning system, air conditioner, system for external power supply, power generator, refrigerator, automatic water sampler with temperature control, oven, BOD unit with temperature control, and space for transport of instruments and staff. The vehicle is used for field surveys in aquatic ecosystems.

"Eco-exploration" boatExploration boat "Eco-exploration", of Zodiac Bombard FB Explorer type, with a 8 persons transportation capacity. The board's length is 5 m, and it sports an outboard motor of 40HP. The board is used for transportation of staff and instruments during field surveys in every type of aquatic ecosystems.

Outdoor meteorological stationData collection and analysis instrumentation, including two fully-equipped meteorological stations (one of these stations is permanently installed in the outdoor laboratory area), several current meters, water and sediments samplers, winches for instruments positioning, portable instruments for measurement of water parameters on-site, several pumps, etc. Chemical and biological analyses instrumentation includes controlled temperature BOD units, COD digestion units, oven, Kjeldahl analysis units, spectrophotometers, standard sieves sets, automatic and manual titrators, refrigerators, ultrasonic cleaning baths, water baths, etc.
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