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This Project studies the water resources management in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. The Project includes a series of studies and activities such as:

  • Collection of historical meteorological data from various stations. The data will be used in the Project and will become available to the public.
  • Study of the use of rainwater, and treatment and reuse of wastewater in small domestic systems. Development of a pilot harvesting system of rainwater (collection, treatment and use).
  • Development of pilot systems for wastewater collection, treatment and reuse. This activity includes development of small constructed wetlands for domestic use.
  • Study of the quality of irrigation returns. Development of methodology for the optimization of use of irrigation water.
  • Study of possible reuse of irrigation return water.
  • Suggestions for minimization of water discharge to the sea: study of possible use of additional pumping stations for irrigation, storage areas, groundwater recharge units.
  • Suggestions for improvement of quality of irrigation return discharges to sensitive water systems (e.g., coastal lagoons) by use of constructed wetlands.
  • Modeling and management proposals.
  • Pilot study and monitoring of salinization of cultivated soils.
  • Sample collection at selected problematic areas and analyses.
  • Evaluation of various methods for restoration.
  • Activities related to environmental education and awareness.

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